Having a Curated Wardrobe

Having a curated wardrobe
You may have seen my post a last week Tips on Decluttering Your Wardrobe. So following on from that I thought I’d do a little post on having a curated wardrobe. Now when I say that, it’s not exactly a proper curated wardrobe it’s really just a collection of clothes I wear the most.

I cleared out all the items that I never wear & only kept the pieces I wear the most. I kept the pieces that are on rotation in my wardrobe & I’m using them as my starting base for creating my curated wardrobe.  Slowly I’m trying to learn what my style is and what pieces & shapes suit me. I now find myself only buying items that will be versatile in my wardrobe. Pieces that I can wear with multiple pieces in my wardrobe.

Having a smaller wardrobe has made picking an outfit in the mornings easier. Although I still have days where I have nothing to wear… but don’t we all?


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