Monday Musings 0.6

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Happy Monday everyone!

I am just writing a quick post today as I have spent the whole weekend relaxing and quite frankly not doing all that much.. Its been so nice this weekend to not worry about getting any work done or having to be all dressed & presentable for work. I have literally sat around in sweat pants all weekend watching the complete Bridget Jones collection…

This weekend i’ve decided not to put any posts up as I have a university project due in a week on Friday. So I’m going to spend the next two weeks getting that completed.  I will try and get some posts up throughout the week and some next week too. But I’m looking forward to some time off so I can gather more ideas for the next few months!

I will still be posting on Instagram when I can and on Instagram stories + Snapchat (if I remember) so you can follow me on my social media channels here…

Instagram – @aimeecitc

Snapchat – AimeeCITC

Aimee x


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