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Recently I’ve switched up my skincare routine & started to take my routine more seriously. I switched to Kiehls and I’m obsessed! I’ve never loved products more.

My skin is softer and even looks brighter. I really feel my skin is getting tones of moisturiser. I only have four products at the moment but I can’t wait to stock up on more!

Ultra Facial Cream

Ever since I was 12 I’ve used Simple Face Cream & once I started I stuck with it. I don’t like trying new products without researching them and reading reviews first. So I did a lot of research into these products and also talked to one of the girls in store at Kielhs. She recommended the Ultra Facial Cream which suits my dry to normal skin type. I’ve been using it for a month so far and I’m already noticing a difference to my skin.

Skin Brightening Exfoliator

I never used to exfoliate my face and I only learn’t recently that it’s something I should be doing regularly. I went with the … Exfoliator and I love it. It’s not harsh on the skin & it smells divine I use it twice a week while I’m in the shower and my skin feels so soft and glowwy the next day.

Intensive Treatment & Moisturiser Foot Cream

One of my biggest skin hates is having dry feet & my feet are prone to getting blisters with whatever shoes I wear.  After only 3 uses I already noticed a difference to my feet.

Creme de Corps Body Lotion

Last but not least is the Creme de Corps body cream. Omg this stuff is amazing! Putting it on after my shower is my new favourite thing. This sounds stupid but I can actually feel my skin drinking in all the moisture when I put it on. It leaves my skin feeling so so so soft.

Do you use Kiehls? What’s your favourite products?

Aimee x





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