Does this Mean I’m an Adult Now?

Does this Mean I'm an Adult Now? University

This month marked my last days at University and well my last days of school life.

I never grew up wanting to go to university, I’m actually the first in my family to go. I went because it was my back up option for once I left college. The way it worked was I did 2 years at college then went straight into 3rd year at University. Carrying on studying Media.

I technically do have another year to go but I decided not to do 4th year because,I never really enjoyed university. And also I didn’t feel I was learning anything more on my course. I still graduate with a degree at the end of 3rd year, meaning I’m not dropping out right before I finish.

So after the initial woo! I never have to go back to university or school ever again, comes the panic. Panic that I am now in the real world, I have to find a job, I have to become an adult. It’s scary to think that this is the rest of my life away to start. Corny I know but it’s true. For the best part of 15 years all I’ve known is studying & going to school. Now I have to figure out what to do next.

Its scary but exciting at the same time because I can’t wait for this next chapter and what it will bring..



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