2018 Goals

goals goals

Happy New Year!

Is it just me or does today feel more like a Monday than a Wednesday? I think it may be because this is my first day back at work. (the joys) I’ve had two very productive days off so I’m  motivated for the next few weeks ahead and even the new year ahead!

Thinking about the year ahead got me thinking of what I want to achieve this year. So I’ve set myself some small goals that I hopefully will be able to achieve this year!

Learn How to Cook

I said this last year and in the end I only learn’t how to cook one or two things. So this year I’m finally going to learn how to cook properly.

Learn a New Skill

I noticed last year there were so many situations where I didn’t know how to do something or thought having that skill would be useful. This year I’m going to try learn some new skills. At the top of my list is properly learning photoshop and also learning how to sew.

Working Out

Now this is one goal I did manage to stick to last year, and looking back now I can see such a difference. But I want to continue working out this year, continue getting stronger and healthier. I also want to start running more, I started running a little bit in December but I really want to improve on that this year!

So they are just small goals but ones I’m excited to do!



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