28 Realities of Student Life

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Gone are the days of 9 to 3 school days when all you worried about were exams and if the boy you liked, liked you back and here are the college days where all you worry about is getting the work in on time and if the boy you like likes you back. Some things never do change.

  1. Your week is now split between work and college and you’re on the verge of almost being a fully committed adult but still have the “I’m only a student” card to play.
  2. Student life allows you to have the independence you want but still gives you a small corner of the security blanket before you are left uncovered in the real world.
  3. Only 3 days a week are actually spent at college and the rest are there to have a job, earn some money that you then go and spend on staying out until early hours of the morning, and then to drink as much Starbucks coffee as you like to cure the hangover the next day.
  4. The scary reality sets in that very soon you will be a full time working adult who has bills to pay.
  5. There is the struggle of deciding between watching one more episode of “Friends”  and finishing the paper due in next week.
  6. You realise food is actually pretty expensive when it’s you and not your parents who have to stock the fridge.
  7. You realise you are sitting in a classroom full of people who will one day be competing for the same job as you.
  8. Spontaneous nights out always sound fun at the time but the 9am class the next morning make you think other wise.
  9. Promising your parents that you won’t just live on beans and toast for the next 2-4 years is a promisee that’s always broken.
  10. You start making excuses to go home every weekend just so your mum will do your washing for you.
  11. You will usually spend more money on drink than you will on food.
  12. Weekends will be spent either at work, studying in the library or watching Netflix – hey you don’t have to be student of the year.
  13. The reality that for the next 2 years you may have to live in halls with strangers you don’t like.
  14. Sharing flats me limiting your food supply to one cupboard and one shelf in the fridge.
  15. Student Discount is the only way to afford Topshop Clothes.
  16. Your social life will consist of Netflix and Vodka.
  17. Your stress levels will hit the roof whenever your have an assessment or a paper due in.
  18. There will be nights where you’re up until 3am finishing the work that is mean to be handed in the next day.
  19. Starbucks coffee will become your life source when you are crash studying a whole years worth of information.
  20. You have the struggle of wanting to be treated like an adult but also wanting to stay in and watch Disney films all week long.
  21. Attending Fresher’s Fairs will get you freebies and wristbands for cheap drinks.
  22. You will some how manage to seek out the best pubs and clubs for cheap drinks.
  23. You wish you could still have nap hour like you did in nursery.
  24. Your student loan will last you a week then you’ll spend the rest of term penniless.
  25. You expect college will allow you to have a full dating life but in reality you’re home on a Saturday night eating ice cream alone.
  26. Vow to yourself that this is the year you’ll finally learn how to cook when in reality you learn the right amount of time to microwave super noodles so they are perfect every time.
  27. You will have the best and worst time of your life.
  28. And despite all the struggles you go through you’ll want to do it all again exactly the same way.



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