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Aimee Carmichael is the Blogger behind Cappuccino in the Clouds, which embodies her passions for Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel. Born and raised in Scotland but dreaming of city life in New York City. Aimee started blogging for a creative outlet for her thoughts, inspirations & style. You will usually find Aimee curled up with a good movie or a great book and a glass of wine.



Just a little info ¬†about me I’m Aimee, I live in Aberdeen Scotland most famous for its Granite, the fishing industry & being the Oil Capitol of Europe (or it was) according to Google!

I am currently studying Media at University and started Cappuccino in the Clouds as a little side hobby!

I have a huge love for New York City, borderline obsessive (okay just plain obsessed) I love curling up with a good book, a great film or Friends re-runs. You’ll also find me singing away to Frank Sinatra or binge watching a tv show (guilty of both)

So thats just a little about me, you will be seeing lots more from me this time around on the blog which I’m excited for, you can also follow along with all my daily activities and content on my social media pages.

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