April Favourites

How is it already the end of April? This month has just flown by. When i was putting together this post I was struggling to remember everything that has happened this month. They are all starting t0 blur together. Side note I just looked back at the March’s and February’s favourites posts and I realised I say this at the start of every monthly favourite post.

Anyway onto this months favourites.




I’ve only been using the Kiehls products for a month but i’m in love! The products make your skin so soft and I already need to stock up on the Creme de la corps body lotion. I wrote a full review post on the Kiehls Products here.¬†

Friday Favourites 0.6

Hit Makers

I finally finished Hit Makers by Derek Thompson this week! This book blew my mind. The book focused on how things become popular & how certain things become hits while others can go unnoticed. There was a great section in the book about Apple and how everyone thought it wouldn’t be successful. ¬†Derek Thompson related it to Harry Potter, Pop Idol and other “rejects” of the industries that turned out to be massive hits. It was fascinating to read and was the first book that I’ve ever took a pen to and highlighted the best lines.

April Favourites


Recently I’ve cut out a lot of food out of my diet mainly dairy products. Because of this I’ve had to switch up what I eat for breakfast. Instead I’ve been eating smoothies with granola and fruit and it tastes so good! Right now i’ve just been making berry smoothies with strawberries, bananas and mixed berries.


Grace and Frankie

I hope when i’m older I’m a mix of both Grace & Frankie. If you haven’t watched Grace & Frankie yet I advise you to stop what you’re doing & watch it now! It’s that feel good comedy that everyone needs.

One Tree Hill

About 15 years to late I finally started watching One Tree Hill. I’m only on season one right now but I can’t stop watching!


Hannah Gale

I’ve been a longtime subscriber of Hannah Gale’s youtube, but I’ve recently spent time binge watching her recent video’s. If you love honest, completely relatable youtube video’s give her a follow!





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