Autumnal Wardrobe Transition


Autumn Autumn Autumn

For some reason I can’t wait for Autumn & Winter this year. I can’t wait to get all my cosy jumpers, my scarfs & coats back out. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found it so much easier to dress for Autumn/Winter than for summer. Especially since we get an odd type of summer in Scotland, meaning you have to dress for all weather types in one day.

I spoke a couple of months ago about creating a curated closet & having a wardrobe clear out every six months – Read this post here & here.  I’m definalty trying to stick to my curated closet plans & I’ve also took this opportunity to give my wardrobe a tidy up.

Here is some steps I’ve found useful when swapping my wardrobe over.

Put away all Summer Clothes

I put all my summer clothes away into storage over winter as I defiantly won’t be needing them anytime soon. I also go through my summer items & either sell or send to charity anything that doesn’t fir or that I won’t be wearing again next summer.

Fold Away T-shirts & Hang Up Jumpers

When it comes to Autumn/ Winter I always fold away my t-shirts & swap them for my cosy jumpers. Unlike my summer clothes I don’t put my t-shirts into storage. As there will be that odd occasion where I will reach for a t-shirt to wear. I always fold them away into my wardrobe drawers so they are easy to reach!

Bring out those Winter Coats & Shoes

When I was younger I hated wearing coats, I always thought they covered up your outfit. Now it’s a whole different story, think a great coat can make a whole outfit. This is now one of my favourite steps in the whole process. I also can’t wait to get back into my parker but it may still be a little too warm for that.

The same goes for winter shoes, bring out all thoses cute ankle boots & knee high boots & put away all the sandles until next year!

So that is just a few steps I take to take my wardrobe from Summer to Autumn/Winter. I can’t wait to start styling some new outfits!



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