Cappuccino in the Clouds

In todays post i’m talking about my beach day musts. In collaboration with Adore Me and their #BeachDayMusts conversation I’m sharing my top essentials for a beach day! Adore me is known for their cute Lingerie Sets  but they also have some fun swimsuits that are perfect for any beach or pool day!

Now because I live in Scotland and we get almost every season in one day so I hardly ever get close enough to my local beach, (Well I never get close enough to the freezing north sea)

But when we go abroad we always make a point to head to the beach as much as we can. So here are a few of my #BeachDayMusts.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Sun Cream – I’m sure this is on everyones beach day essentials list but it is an important one. We all love to show off our tans once we get home from our holidays but showing off a sunbrun is never fun, So I always take some with me.

Sunglasses – I love to read when I’m sitting on the beach so sunglasses are a must.

Bikini/ Swimsuit – I haven’t been on a beach holiday in years, So I don’t actually own a bikini right now. But Adore Me have some amazing pieces so I might have to pick up a few.

Phone/Headphones – I also love to sit back and listen to music while I’m at the beach so a pair of headphone always end up in my beach bag. And my phone of course especially for taking the perfect Instagram holiday snaps.

Book – As I said before I love to read while I’m at the beach and there is so many great summer reads this year. I’m currently reading Tuesday Nights in 1980, I’m only a couple of chapters in but its good so far.

Sandals- Last but not least a cute pair of sandals is a must especially for walking across the hot sand. I usually opt for flip flops because it’s easy to wash away all the sand from them. But this year I’m loving the Solillas espadrilles like shoe. I’ll defiantly be wearing them all summer.

I Hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I hope you go check out @adoreme ! Also let me know in the comments what your favourite #BeachDayMusts are.

Aimee x


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