Blogging Routine

Blogging Routine
Its been 3 months since I relaunched Cappuccino In The Clouds. And I’m having more fun than ever creating content for you guys.

Over the past 3 months I have been trying to find the best blogging routine to help fit blogging into my uni/working schedule. I think I’m finally figuring out the best one for me.

As of right now Sunday is my only full day off. And to begin with I was leaving everything to the Sunday. That being taking photos, typing up & putting together blog posts. As well as scheduling posts and all social media images for the week. It was getting to much and I couldn’t enjoy my Sunday’s. Now I’m trying to even out my blogging schedule over the whole week.

 I write my posts through the week then on Sunday I try to shoot all my outfit images. I then edit them & add them to my posts. Sunday night is spent scheduling the weeks Instagram photos & captions. I then use Wednesday to finish off any last minute post issues for Thursday & Friday’s posts.

Right now this is what works for me, I maybe should spread it out a little more but right now I’m happy with my blogging routine.

Aimee x


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