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Today’s post I’m talking all about Bullet Journaling and how it has changed the way I organise my life!

Bullet Journaling is a customisable organisation system that fits your everyday life. Whether you want a laid out plan for your whole month or a place to store your daily to do lists. You can customise the bullet journal to fit your needs and all you need is a notebook & pen. I’ve been using the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook but any notebook will do.

There is so many options and layouts you can choose from – which is great for a stationary nut like me!

Check out AmandaRachLee on youtube, she has great videos on bullet journaling designs. That will give you so many ideas and inspiration! There is actually so many videos, posts, out there showing you different styles & layouts to bullet journaling so it can be quite confusing to begin with.

So if you’re thinking of starting to bullet journal I recommend checking out And watch the video by Bullet Journal creator Ryder Caroll who explains the whole process perfectly.

In short Bullet Journaling is a rapid logging system which consists of topics, short sentences and bullets. The bullets indicate your tasks for the day with a ‘.’ symbol. Once the tasks is completed it’s changed to a ‘x’ symbol. The bullet journal is divided into your future log which gives you an overview of the year. A monthly log which is an overview of your month and a daily log. The daily log is where your bullets come in for all your daily tasks.

There is also spreads and collections too, these can range from habit trackers to lists of places you want to travel. Or a packing list to refer back to every time you go on holiday. Anything that maybe useful to you. These are all logged in your index so it’s easy to refer back to whenever you need them.

Seriously watch the video it explains it so much better than I do..

bullet journaling

A lot of people with their Bullet Journal also add little trackers to keep track of any goals they may have, any spending or even social stats. (a good one for bloggers.)

I have a by monthly spending tracker so I can see where my money is going in and out – having it down on paper really makes you see where you should & shouldn’t be spending. That 6 coffees a week doesn’t look that appealing when its written down on paper..  I also have a workout tracker which I can colour in the days of the month where I worked out. So it will be really cool to see at the end of the year how well I stuck to working out throughout the year! Or just make me feel guilty for not working out as much!

I’ve been bullet journaling for the past month and it’s changed the way I schedule appointments, blog posts. Write to do lists and generally keep up with things I have to do. It’s defiantly something I’m going to stick with as I’ve never been one to use pre made diaries. Bullet Journaling gives you the freedom to lay it out however suits you best.

I’m finding myself writing down even the simplest of tasks just to get myself used to the Bullet Journal process. Its so satisfying marking off your completed tasks at the end of the day. I told you I’m obsessed with organisation

Advantages of Bullet Journaling
  • The freedom to taylor it to your own personal needs – no more of this sticking to a box for a days tasks.
  • Blog scheduling has become so much easier I can get an overview of the month and plan when I want each post to go live.
  • Also splitting my monthly log into personal & blog. I split my monthly log into two columns which makes it easier to plan personal appointments or events as well as blog posts.
  • Having all lists in one notebook. I hate having separate notebooks or pieces of paper for different lists. The Bullet Journal makes it so easy to have everything in one place.
Dislikes of Bullet Journaling
  • I’m a perfectionist so designing my Bullet Journal layout was time consuming – although fun as I love all things planning & stationary- And whenever I made a mistake or didn’t like how it turned out was frustrating.
  • The pressure to make it a beautiful piece of art work. Like I said there is so many amazing videos & posts of beautifully designed layouts. And you kind of think mines not going to look that great but thats the beauty of Bullet Journaling it can be as messy or as creative as you want. It just has to fit your purpose.

Okay so I didn’t expect this post to be this long so congrats for managing to stick with it. I hope my quick explanation of Bullet Journaling a) makes sense and b) maybe interests you to try my Bullet Journal for yourself.

If you try it or already bullet journal let me know how you find it.




  1. February 10, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    Great post, youve got some beautiful photos there as well! Even if is just of your bullet journal! I’ve kept up with setting mine up, I just need to get in the habit of actually checking it as well as keeping myself aware of whats written down… I think next month I need to switch it up a bit with my layouts, I need to add some sort of blogging schedule to mine. I’ve already got a yearly tracker for my social stats as well, but it would be nice to see my growth through the week! I really want to share more of my bullet journal through my blog/youtube, because there are all these perfect ones online! And I think that puts a lot people off using this system. So it would be nice to show others that it actually dosent matter, as long as its functional and you are using it! By the way, found you in the scot blogger collective lol I enjoy your blog so im going to add it to my list <3

    Hayley xx

      February 11, 2018 / 4:34 pm

      Yes i agree with you, the ones you see online can be so intimidating and complicated but its really simple once you get the hang of it. Thanks for reading the blog and glad you enjoy it!

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