Comparing Yourself To Others

Comparing Yourself Comparing Yourself
In Todays post I want to talk about Comparing Yourself to others. Writing today’s post has taken a while. Why? Because one I have a tendency to waffle on & never get my point across, and two because I’m a perfectionist at heart.

Comparing Yourself to Others is something I’ve struggled with long before this blog or any social media platform. The fear that you’re not good enough at something & that there is hundreds of people out there who are 10x better at it than you are.

Especially in the blogging industry you read a post & you look at their amazing photography. Or  you look at how flowing & from the heart their writing is & it makes you think they are so much better at this than me.

Comparing Yourself Comparing Yourself

Part of this I try to remember is that many of the blogs I read, the bloggers have been doing this for upwards of 4/5 years.

They have the experience they have the techniques. It’s like any job there will always be people more experienced than you. I just have to give myself time to grow & learn. I am just a little fish in a big pond & I can only continue to learn & progress my skills.

It’s hard comparing yourself to someone & thinking they’r prettier than me, she wears that outfit better than I could or her blog is 10x better than mine.

Its is also hard to tell yourself not to care & not to compare yourself to others because we all do it. Even the most successful person in their field will look at someone else & think they’re so much better at this than them.

We are all our own worst enemy because in the end we are all incredible at what we do. We just have to remember to try & not let comparing ourselves to other people get us down & stop us from doing what we love.

Aimee x



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