February Favourites

Happy Friday

This weeks favourites post is a little bit different as its bigger and it’s a whole month of round ups covering everything from my favourite products, reads, TV shows and films of the month..

February Favourites

Clinique Crayola (Individually) | John Lewis 


Clinique Crayola 

As I said in last Friday’s favourites post  I am currently loving Red Lipstick Shades. So when I spotted the Clinique Crayola collaboration I snapped it up! I have only used a couple of colours so far my favourites being Fuzzy Wuzzy and Mauvelous. They have great lasting power and don’t feel dry on your lips!


La La Land 

 La La Land was magical, I don’t think there is a better way of describing it! Filled with jazz and some of the most magical movie moments  I have ever seen & plus it stared Ryan Gosling so what’s not to love! It had the feel of an old Hollywood movie which I think made it just as brilliant!

February Favourites


I’m Your Biggest Fan – Kate Coyne 

Okay so Kate Coyne may just have my dream job! She interviews celebrities and runs the tv section of People Magazine for a living. In her memoir she details all her encounters with celebrities and her career evolution from Page Six to People Magazine. For anyone who is obsessed with celeb stories this is a must read!

Goodbye to All That 

Goodbye to All that  is a collection of essays from writers who have lived in then left New York City. The essays were a true take on how much can take out of you but also how much it stay’s with you when you leave something that I know to be true.

February Favourites

Aesop | Clinique Crayola 


I have just recently started to watch Youtube videos on a weekly basis favouring certain You-Tubers or Bloggers to watch. I especially love watching daily Vlogs and motivational video’s!

Matthew Hussey 

I came across Matthew Hussey after reading his article in the US Cosmopolitan then found his youtube channel & now I’m obsessed! Matthew Hussey is a dating coach and his videos include relationship advice, career advice and life advice. I could listen to him talk for hours & I find his videos really motivating. He also gives the most honest advice. Plus it also helps that he’s extremely attractive too!

Check out his videos here 


Lucifer & The Bachelor

I love it when you find a Tv series that just hooks you right from the start that’s what Lucifer did. 45 minutes in I was hooked.. The premise of the show is Tom Ellis’s character Lucifer come to earth to take a vacation from hell where he then begins helping the LAPD solve murders. Throw in a bit of romance, comedy and the brooding Tom Ellis and its a great show. Although it sounds very cliche but I think the wit of the characters & the comedy aspect really draws you in.

Now the Bachelor is one of my guilty pleasures, now the concept of the show is completely bizarre 25 women dating one man can only end it tears but it makes great tv! This years Bachelor Nick has been on The Bachelor Franchise 4 times trying to find love Twice on The Bachelorette  and once on Bachelor in Paradise (and yes I watch all three different shows) with only 2 weeks left I can’t wait to see who he ends up engaged too in the end!


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