Fireside Cardigan

Fireside Cardigan

Fireside Cardigan Madewell | New York Tee Mango (sold out) | Wedgie Fit Jeans Levi’s 

Okay I love love love this cardigan. It is the softest piece of knitwear that I’ve ever owned.

I ordered the Fireside Cardigan from Madewell in the January Sales and it may be the best thing I have ever purchased (I say that a lot but its true)

Although I was a little worried about what the fit would be like. I sometimes feel that longer cardigans make me look bottom heavy, I also worried that it wouldn’t be soft. Boy was I wrong!

The cardigan is both flattering and soft, it’s also really warm perfect for wrapping up in this almost Spring weather we’ve been having.

I was so surprised when I took it out of the box at how soft the material was. There is always that worry when ordering things online that they won’t be what you expected but with this order there were no worries at all.

I’m going to live in this cardigan from now on and especially when the warmer months arrive this cardigan will be on repeat.

Aimee x


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