My Fitness Journey + Fitness Goals

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This time last year I did what everyone else does in January, I joined the gym. With the goal of finally to get fit and healthy. To finally feel confident in my own body and to find a exercise routine I really liked.

Well one year on & I can say that I’ve done it. I Stuck with going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week. I ate better & I felt stronger because of it. After six months I finally started noticing little improvements and now after 12 months I notice even more. I feel more confident, I even feel that I’m walking with more confidence too.

I still have a long way to go, there’re still areas I want to improve on. But if I keep working out & eating right I can achieve these goals.

Fitness goals for 2018

Continue Running

The past few months I’ve started incorporating running in to my workout routine. I still can only run for a little bit at a time so I really want to keep trying to get better over 2018.

Eating Better

Even though this was one thing I did get better at in 2017 I still want to try harder at eating better. I really want to focus more on what I’m eating and eating the right things for both my diet and my health.

Keep Improving

Each time I get a new programme, we increase either the weights or the reps of the exercise. Even if it’s just increasing it by one or two kg’s or reps, it still pushes me to do more. I want to continue with that and continue to see what I’m capable of doing while building my strength.

Each month I’ll be setting myself new fitness goals ones to help me improve and build my strength. I’ll be documenting it all here on the blog!



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