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Back for another Fitness Update. Since my last update post (which you can read here) I’ve got a new programme. This programme is one of the best yet & has some great exercises. It’s the first time I’m actually feeling the benefit of the workout. I’m finally starting to notice improvements & areas toning up!

Fitness Problem Areas

Even though i’m starting to notice improvements in my figure, I am still very self conscious – you won’t see me in a figure hugging dress anytime soon..

Another thing is I’m finding it really hard to find clothes that fit comfortably & look nice. I have a mix of clothes that are either too big or too small or they just feel really uncomfortable to wear. I have curvy thighs which isn’t always the easiest to dress and having a big bust too also makes finding tops hard to find.

Fitness Progress So Far

I’ve changed up my eating habits too, I’ve cut out lots of food – I still need my chocolate though- and I’ve changed up my diet. Lunches have been a challenge to find healthy meals so I’m open to any recommendations.

Fitness Goals!
  • I’m really trying to stick to the gym a few days a week but also adding in other workouts too!
  • Continue to eat healthy & limit the amount of bad foods I eat
  • Focus on specific areas to work on a really tone up those areas
  • and Finally I really want to try incorporate running into my workouts too!


      August 9, 2017 / 2:08 pm

      Yes Fitness Goals helped me so much!
      Thanks for reading!

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