How I Got Over Getting My Photo Taken

photo photo photo photo photo
Getting over having my photo taken has been a long time coming. I never liked getting my photo taken & I would always shy away from anyone with a camera.

When I started the blog I put off taking outfits photos for the first 3 years, then when I relaunched the blog back in February I knew I had to go all in with outfit photos.

Sharing that first outfit shot was scary & the first shots were super awkward to take. Slowly it has gotten easier & I feel more relaxed in from of the camera.

With each outfit post the photo taking process got easier & now it doesn’t phase me… As much. I feel confident enough in front of the camera to get some great shots.

Although I do feel confident in front of the camera I am still too nervous to shoot in crowded spaces. You won’t be seeing me shoot on a crowded street anytime soon!

I think though the more that I put myself out there and get the shot, the more my confidence will build. I love the rush that getting the perfect shot gives you and it makes me feel so proud that they turn out so well.

It shows how far I’ve come and how much my confidence has grown over the years.



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