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At College I’ve just finished my Final Project which was to create a magazine, I choose the topic of blogging for my magazine and wanted to share one of the articles on here today. The article is about starting your own blog, now I’m in no means skilled enough to say this is how you do it I mean I’ve only been blogging for just over 1 year. This article is made up from research and some part experience to how I started my blog so I hope you enjoy it.

Guide to Starting a Blog

Whether you want to take blogging up as a hobby or create a business, starting your own blog can be so much fun. There are thousands of blogs out there already so making your blog unique is key, here I have laid out a simple guide to help you create your own blog.

Finding You Niche

Before you start your blog do some research and planning into what you want your niche to be. Finding your niche can help to decide what kind of blog you want to create, whether that is fashion, beauty, travel or a lifestyle blog the list is endless. Your blogging topic has to be your passion as it’s something you’ll be writing about for a long time. Once you have you’re niche you have to make it unique as there is no surprise that there are thousands of blogs out there already, you have to put your own spin on the topic.

Picking a Domain Name

Choosing a blog domain name can sometimes be the hardest part of creating your blog. It’s a name that will represent both you and blog and will be one that will stick with your blog as long as you have it. I’m not saying you can’t change your blog name but that can be harder to do when your blog becomes more successful.

Once you have your niche it can be helpful to choose a name for the blog taking inspiration from your blog topic for example Brittany from the blog Thrifts and Threads created her name because her blog focused on thrift store and high street fashion. You can also use your own name as a Domain Name bloggers such as Hannah Gale at and Estee Lalonde at both opted to keeping it original and using their own names.

Starting your Blog

Now that you have a domain name and decided on a blogging niche it’s time to build your blog. When it comes to choosing a blog hosting site the most popular are and Both are easy to use, give you helpful guides and have plenty to offer but do your research into which one would work better for you.

Choosing a Design.

Now comes the fun part once you have chosen your hosting site it’s now time to create the design of your blog. The best way to start this process is to have an idea of what you want your blog to look like and work from there. Hosting sites such as and offer ready-made templates for those of us who aren’t skilled in building a web design. There are also thousands of websites where you can buy templates or pay designers to create a blog template especially for you.

Writing your first post.

Okay so you’ve chosen your niche, you’ve decided on a domain name and you’ve built your blog. Now is the time to write your first post. Your first post can be anything you want it to be –its your blog after all there are no set rules- The first blog post can sometimes be the hardest post to write as it’s your first impression to anyone who reads your blog.

Keeping you blog growing

So now your blog is created, your first post have been published to the world, now the fun can begin. It’s now time to get your blog out there and make people aware of your blog. Share on social media, let people know you have a blog and most importantly be consistent with your posts. Success won’t happen over night but with hard work success will come.

Okay so there you have it a simple guide to starting your own blog. So if you’ve starting a blog as a side hobby, somewhere to showcase your talents or creating your own business make your blog into something you enjoy creating.

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