Gym Progress

Gym Progress Gym Progress

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2017 my New Years resolution was to make healthy changes to my lifestyle. I have been self conscious about my body for years. So I finally decided to do something about it.

Working Out

The first thing I did was join the gym & surprisingly I have managed to stick to going. I try to go at least 3 to 4 times a week and I love how good I feel after a good workout. One of the trainers at the gym has set up a little six week programme for me to follow. I’m now onto my third one and loving it! Each time we progress my workouts a little more & I’m finally beginning to notice a difference!

 Eating Healthy

As well as going to the gym I have also been improving my diet. I’ve hat to cut loads of food out of my diet, partly because certain foods make me ill. It has been really hard trying to find alternative foods that are still healthy. In the mornings I’ve been loving having fruit smoothies with some granola and a handful of almonds!

I’m still struggling with good lunch meals so I’d love some recommendations!

Drinking Water

I have also been trying to drink plenty of water throughout the day and in the past few weeks I have managed to stick to this one. I already feel better for switching to water instead of juices or hot drinks.


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