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When it comes to my style I’m still trying to figure out what my look is. My wardrobe is a mix of pricer items and lower price items. I defiantly gravitate towards items that may be a bit pricer. Which I know are good quality & will last me for years to come.

For Example I’d rather by a top in the 30-50 pound price mark, which i good quality. Meaning I will get more wear out of it & I won’t have to buy one anytime soon. I call these my Investment Pieces. Pieces in your wardrobe you spend that little bit more money on but will last you longer.


Now there is certain items which I will only buy at a higher price, items such as jeans as you know you’ll get good wear out of them – Although Zara does a great jean.  Jackets especially winter jackets as its something you’ll need from year to year.

Handbags is another one I like to invest in & I don’t mean every handbag you buy has to be a big brand designer – because lets face it who has that kind of money. Look  for durable bags that look great & will last you ages. Brands like Madewell do great leather handbags which are good quality but are that little bit pricer.


Although its good to invest in some items others can be bought cheaper if you’re going to get less wear out of them. For example I find it’s cheaper to buy trend pieces on the high street. This will allow you to buy more from the trend + you won’t feel bad about spending heaps on something that will be out of style in a couple of months.

This may not work for everyone but it defiantly works for me. This way I get the most out of my wardrobe & get to treat myself every now & again with a big splurge.

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