Its My Birthday!

Today is my 21st Birthday, it feels weird saying that!

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to be 22, that was my prime age! I wanted to be married, have a family & have a great job… Now on my 21st Birthday I am far from that & I realise that was a crazy assumption. I am far from getting married, I am miles away from having kids & have no clue what my dream career is.  Meaning I’m either going to have to choose another end goal or I’m going to have a very busy year! I’ll let you know next year how I’m getting on!

In light of keeping todays post light and fun, I thought I’d share 21 Fun Facts about me! Thats if I can think up 21 facts…
Here goes nothing..

I spill everything – every dinner time I’ll either spill all over myself or all over the table.. 21 going on 2

I’m terrified of Cats..

I watch Dirty Dancing at least 2-3 times a month.

I’ve seen Friends over 100 times & I still laugh every time.

I can also tell which episode is on by only hearing a few lines.

Even though my blog is called Cappuccino in the Clouds, I only started drinking Cappuccinos last month.

Christmas is my favourite time of year!

I have a serious obsession with Jack Savoretti’s music.

I once Met Matt Bomer While he was filming in NYC – I have photographic evidence


I love Musicals – like any musical, Les Miserables , Grease, Chicago,

As well as being terrified of Cats I’m also terrified of ET & Heights

I’m very superticious & hate jinxing things.

I want to live in New York one day.

Tom Hanks is my all time Favourite Actor

When I told my family about this post they laughed when I said FUN FACTS

I read about 3-4 books a month & I love visiting bookstores

I love the smell after a candle is blown out.

I secretly love cheesy/ old music

Outlander is my favourite TV show on at the moment

Once I got a key stuck in my foot – I was about 2 or 3

And finally I can’t properly read the time…

Aimee x


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