What I’ve Been Reading Lately

Over the last few months I have been making my way through a rather large pile of unread books. So I thought I would do a little run down of some of the books I’ve been reading.


Hit Makers

This book was incredible, it completely blew me away. Hit Makers is all about how things become popular & how certain things become hits while others go unnoticed. One section of the book spoke on how as humans we look for the familiar in new things. When looking for a new film or listening to new music we look for those which are similar to the ones we’ve seen or heard before. It was fascinating to read and was the first book that I’ve ever took a pen to & highlighted the best bits. I completely recommend this to everyone.


The Curated Closet

A must have book for anyone who wants to declutter their wardrobe. The Curated Closet is a step by step guide to help you declutter your wardrobe and create your dream closet. I found this book extremely helpful & I now find myself more cautious when I buy new things. I find myself asking if these pieces will fit into my wardrobe or how many ways I can wear them, before I buy them.



This was my second go at reading Maestra and I have to say I didn’t love it. Maestra follows Judith who by day is an assistant at an Art Gallery, by night she works as a hostess a London Club. After a fatal incident with a customer, Judith goes from Rome to Paris. While trying to make something of herself Judith continues to push the limits. Like I said I didn’t love this one but I stuck with it just to see what the character would do next..


Capture Your Style

I finally got round to reading Capture Your Style last week and loved it! Written by Blogger Aimee Song, Capture Your Style details Aimee’s tips and tricks to make your Instagram beautiful. Instagram is one of my most used Social Media platform’s and one that I’m constantly trying to improve. So this book was the perfect read.

What have you been reading lately?


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