June Favourites!

I know I say this every month but how is it already the end of June? And what is with this weird half summer we’ve been getting? Seriously one minute it’s boiling hot the next it’s lashing with rain. Okay enough of my weather ramblings onto my June Favourites.

June Favourites


Morning Candle

You may have seen this one pop up on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I can’t get enough of this candle, it smells amazing! I used it as a prop when i was testing out my new camera & fell in love with it. It has a great fruity/sweet smell which I love in candle’s. It is defiantly burning down way to fast.


June Favourites

Bondi Sands Fake Tan 

I have recently started using fake tan again & I have been loving the Bondi Sands one. I haven’t fake tanned in maybe 4 years, I have quite sensitive skin, so when ever I would tan I’d react to the self tanner. The Bondi Sands was recommended to me from a friend & I really like it. I’ve used it twice already & my skin has been fine.  The texture is so light that it doesn’t feel like fake tan when you apply it, it just feels like a moisturiser. It also has a coconut scent to it & not the horrible fake tan smell which makes it all the better!


Bliss Mask A-Peel 

This stuff is amazing! The Bliss Mask A-Peel feels incredible on your skin & leaves your face feeling so soft! So it comes in a small pot & all you have to do is add water & mix until it becomes a paste. Then you apply it to your face & leave it to harden. It then becomes almost rubbery & then you peel it off! It’s the weirdest feeling! There is plenty in the pot for two people so I got my dad to try it out too..  I wish I had photographic evidence!

May Favourites


Harry Potter / Pride & Prejudice

I’m still going strong with the Harry Potter books, after mentioning them in my May Favourites Post   They just take so long to read & I forgot how good they are. Next I plan on reading Pride & Prejudice, I recently bought one of the penguin vintage classic editions of the book and it’s just so sweet!

Blogs / Youtube

Sivan Ayla

I am a little bit obsessed with Sivan Ayla‘s blog at the moment, I love her blogging tips posts! Across the board her content is brilliant, her blog, youtube & Social Media are all amazing! Plus she has the cutest dogs!


The HandMaids Tale 

This show is intense, but it’s so good! I’ve just finished episode 3, so I’m a few episodes behind but omg its filmed so so well! I really want to read the book now too, I think that may even be better.

The Bachelorette 

My favourite time of year is Bachelor season, this show is my little guilty pleasure. Although I haven’t been loving this season so far. I don’t know if it’s the guys competing for Rachel that is putting me off. I usually have clear favourites but this season none are jumping out at me.



This week I went to see Baywatch & after hearing mixed reviews I wasn’t expecting much. But I really enjoyed it actually! Plus Zac Efron was topless for 50% of the movie so what’s not to love! I love a film with brilliant one liners & Baywatch was packed with some great ones! And if this movie doesn’t make you want to hit the gym then I don’t know what will, I felt very guilty eating my popcorn….




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