Lazy Sunday

lazy lazy lazy

Yesterday I had the most lazy Sunday & it was perfect! I am not one to revel in lazy days I always like doing something productive but yesterday was different. I caught up on tv shows, read a little & spent the afternoon watching films!

I wasn’t going to post anything today mainly because I didn’t have anything to post. I’m taking the quality over quantity approach with the blog so I don’t want to just post anything. Saying that I thought a little catch up post might be quite nice for this Monday morning.

Side note this is why I never do weekend round-ups because they mainly consist of me reading or watching tv with a little blog work thrown into the mix.. All very exciting.

I watched the second episode in the new Outlander series 3 & it was so good! I won’t give any spoilers away because it airs on Amazon Prime today in the UK but it was a great episode. This season has started with Jamie & Claire apart & as much as I hate that their apart, I’ve loved seeing how they are both dealing with being separated. I won’t lie I may have shed a few tears in this weeks episode…

My afternoon was spent watching Annie Hall, I’d never seen it before & I’ve got to say I really enjoyed it. I can understand why its such a classic film. I was always a bit hesitant with Woody Allen films but after loving Cafe Society I gave it a shot. Diane Keaton is incredible in it and she nails her style. What I loved about the film too is how much it showcased New York much like Cafe Society does too!

I did make time to head to the gym too so I technically wasn’t lazy all day – even if I was only there for half an hour…

I hope you all had a great weekend & I hope your Sunday was just as lazy as mine!




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