Lessons Learn’t From Friends


I have been watching Friends since I can remember. Not a day goes by where I don’t watch it even if it’s just for a few minutes. I know Friends that well that I can even tell you what episode is on by just seeing a few seconds or by just hearing a few lines. My friends and I regularly quote or make a Friends reference throughout the day – we are fun to hang out with, I promise- But after years of watching  Friends they defiantly have thought us a few lessons.


In a tanning booth, count Mississippilessly.

The real world sucks… but you’ll love it.

If you like someone tell them before its too late and they meet someone else.

Your Lobster is out there somewhere


You Shouldn’t care what people think of you

Spelling – Y.o.u.r means Your, y.o.u apostrophe r.e means You are


The best way to move furniture is to pivot

Being on a break doesn’t mean you can sleep with other people

That its okay not to have a plan

If you’re chasing someone to the airport make sure it’s the right airport

Embrace your natural beauty

And To have a fake alias

That the best way to earn someones forgiveness is to sit in a box

And finally that best friends are forever



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