Why We Should Take a Break

Take a Break

Sorry I’ve been MIA from blogging recently. I just really haven’t had any motivation or inspiration to blog. Whenever I sit down to write something it feels forced & I never want my blog to be like that. So on days like that, I’d rather just not post than put something up I don’t like. So I’m hoping this week I get my blogging mojo back & get some new posts fired out! Also this week I  hope to plan a little break away as you’ll see in today’s post I talk about why we all need to Take a Break Sometimes… And I’m not talking about the magazine here.. or eating a kit kat.. Okay I’ll stop now!

I got really ill at the end of last week because I just felt so run down. I took a couple of days off work which really helped, but made me realise that I need a little break. Also how important it is to take a well earned break now & again.

I haven’t taken any proper time off since last November. As I worked through all Christmas Break and the Easter Holiday’s.  I think that’s why my motivation has gone a little because I haven’t had that time to recharge.

Now I’m working full time I’ve gotten myself into a routine of doing the same thing day in & day out. I’m sure everyone is the same where we have days where everything becomes repetitive and we’re looking for something exciting. I’m one of those people who has to always be doing something, I can’t sit around doing nothing. So having the same routine everyday gets boring really fast.

That is why I think it’s so important to take time off for yourself. Even if you take a week off work and don’t do anything, you don’t have to go on holiday to take time off work. Taking that time off will help you reset and maybe even give you the time to do things you’ve been too busy to do. I know myself that I always feel so motivated when I come back from a break &  sometimes that’s just what you need!



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