Madewell Jeans – Why I Love Them!

jeans jeans

A little extra post for you this Wednesday afternoon. I really wanted to share these Madewell jeans with you because I’m obsessed. I have been living in these 2 pairs the past two months. They are perfect! I’m seriously considering ordering a 3rd pair. They’re that good!

Why it took me this long to try Madewell Denim I do not know. One thing I do know is that I’m never wearing another brand of denim again. I have the Roadtripper and the 10″ High Rise Skinny, both in a regular length. They are just the perfect amount of high-rise and they both sit right on the ankle bone. Which looks great with trainers and also little ankle boots.

Another great thing about these jeans and what makes them a winner in my books is how comfy they are! It doesn’t feel like you are wearing jeans when you have them on. For someone who’s worst nightmare is to sit all day -especially in the house- in jeans. I’ve had days where I’ve worn them all day and been comfy all throughout the day.

So as you can probably tell I love these jeans and if you follow my Instagram you’ll have seen me wearing these in almost every photo. So If you need me I’ll be on the Madewell website buying more!



      February 8, 2018 / 3:36 pm

      They are a great brand! Your welcome!

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