Mini Series to Binge Watch


Over the Christmas & New Year I spent my days off relaxing, eating too much chocolate & watching too much Tv. While I usually feel guilty for spending my days off doing nothing, I revelled in spending a few hours with a great tv series.

There were so many great Mini Series over Christmas just enough to binge watch the whole series. Easy enough to watch in one or two sittings. But with enough drama too keep you wanting more.

Feud – Bette & Joan

The first on my list was Feud – Bette & Joan. Its fair to say I LOVED this mini series. Following the events surrounding Bette Davis -Susan Sarandon and Joan Crawford – Jessica Lange- as they filmed What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? Aswell as their famous dislike for each other. This is a perfect series if you love all things old Hollywood Glam with plenty drama thrown in.

Little Women

One thing to know about me is I love a period drama. So when I seen the adverts from the Little Women 3 part series I knew I needed to see this one. And it didn’t disappoint, I Loved this series! This series is one of the best mini series I’ve ever seen. From the cast to the costumers I loved it all.  Based on the book by Louisa May Alcott, Little Women follows the March Sisters during the American Civil War. As they grow up, fall in love and suffer loss.

The Crown Season 2

I told you I love a period drama. I finally got round to watching The Crown Season 2 over the New Year. And it was just as good maybe even better than the first season. Its just not going to be the same without Claire Foy and Matt Smith next season. I also got my mum hooked on it too, she binged the whole two seasons in about 3 days..

If you have anymore recommendations on good series to watch let me know!



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