Monthly Favourites July

Back with another Monthly Favourites again! I really struggled with ideas this month because I really haven’t done anything exciting. But next week I’m off on a weeks beach holiday & I can’t wait. It was booked very last minute &  I mean we booked it on Tuesday for next week.. I have been in a mad rush this week trying to get everything organised before we leave.

Its been so long since I’ve been on a relaxing beach holiday so I can’t wait to lounge by the pool with a great beach read! I also can’t wait for all the holiday snaps I’ll be taking so I apologies in advance if my Instagram is overloaded with sandy white beaches.

Right enough about my holiday time for this months favourites.



Olympus Pen Camera

I don’t think I’ve spoke about my Olympus Pen Camera on the blog yet. A full post will be coming  in the near future once I’ve had it for a while & really figured out all it’s functions. I love how good quality the photo turn out with this camera. For me I used to just use my iPhone 7 for all photographs but now when I see how good quality these photos are theres no going back!








Candle – Pina Colada 

This Candle smells divine, whenever I smell it I’m reminded of holiday’s. This one is from Vineyard Candles and it’s in the Pina Colada scent, they have a selection off all different cocktails- Think I may get the Singapore Sling next time!



The Circle 

I couldn’t put this book down. I read the Circle in possibly 3 days, I was so intrigued by the story. The Circle focuses on Mae who gets a job at this big tech company The Circle. The company controls everything, how you share content, how you pay for online orders, even politics. Mae gets caught up in the strong opinions of The Circle & becomes transparent meaning everyone can see her every minute of every day. I thought the book was so relevant for today’s Social Media driven world.


The Circle 

After reading the book, I watched the film & it was just as good. Starring Emma Watson & Tom Hanks the film was one of those films which take so much from the book as possible without changing  too much of the story. If you liked the book you will like the film!


Love Island 

Like the rest of the UK I have been sucked into the Love Island fandom. I always swore I would never watch it but I was convinced otherwise & there was no turning back. I think everyone fell in love with Chris & Kem’s Bromance & I’m so glad Kem & Amber won!






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