New York City Guide : Places to Visit


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This was my third time in New York so I had done all the touristy stuff before so this time I wanted to visit places I’d never been before.


Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market is the sweetest little place filled with all the best way I could descirbe it is like a farmers market. It has everything from butchers, to bookstores and cute little stalls selling records or necklaces from the 70’s.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

I’m not usually one who will go to museums but I really wanted to visit the Met ( because of the gossip girl watcher in me) and also to see the China Through the Looking Glass exhibition. If you are in New York before it ends, i defiantly recommend you visit because it’s beautiful! – You can also read about my trip to the Met here and here.

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Soho is one of my favourite places to shop ever and the buildings are so picturesque. I will do another post about New York Shopping and will speak more about Soho there don’t worry.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

The Bowery Mural.

The Bowery Mural was one place I planned to visit but I ended up doing a project for my course on the Mural, which turned out pretty well as I got to see the Mural up close and find out a bit more information about it.

Natural History Museum. 

We visited the Natural History Museum partly to get out of the sun and partly to see if it was exactly like the film Night at the Museum. It’s Not! Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s still pretty cool to see!

And I can’t do a New York Visit post without mentioning some of my favourite spots, such as the Rockefeller Centre which you should defiantly take a trip up to the top at night to see beautiful views of the city lights, and Central Park it still amazes me that the park exists in the mist of all the city hustle.


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