New York City

New York New York


I’m counting down the days until I get to be back in my favourite city. Yesterday marks a year since I went to New York ┬áso it’s fair to say I’m missing it. I don’t leave until November 30th so it’s still a little while away. And I’m seriously already planning my itinerary

This is the first summer in 2 years that I haven’t been in New York & I miss summer in the city so much. I keep seeing pictures and stories of the city which makes it even worse.

Even though I’m ┬ámissing the summer time so much I can’t wait to see New York at Christmas Time. I’ve never bene in the winter before so I feel that will be an experience within it’s self. I arrive just at the beginning of December so I really hope I get to see at least some Christmas Decorations while I’m there.

If anyone has been too New York in December I’d love some winter time recommendations!



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