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This summer something really exciting is happening I’m off to New York for two Months!! I am going over to attend an 8 week Broadcast Journalism course at the New York Film Academy.


I have been to New York twice before once after our California Road trip two years ago which you can read about here and a second time last year for my 18th Birthday (which you can read about here, here, here and here)


After the second trip I wanted nothing more than to head back for another trip to New York. I love New York always have and I think my obsession grew with constantly watching Friends all these years. So instead of just booking a week long trip I looked into other ways I could visit the city. Thats where I found The New York Film Academy which offers an 8 week summer course in a variety of different subjects. I had already been in college for 3 months studying Media and Communications with the goal of eventually doing Broadcast Journalism so I applied to the 8 week Broadcast Journalism course and got accepted a few weeks later!


The course lasts 8 weeks so I will be living in New York for 2 months and although I’ll be in classes the majority of the time I can’t wait to explore the city even more. I have already made some travel arrangements and decided on some of the things I can’t wait to explore such as the museums which I never got to properly explore the last time. I will be keeping you updated with my progress leading up to leaving and I’m hoping to blog as much as I can when I’m there. I would love to hear of any great places to visit while I’m there and any great places to find apartments for shot time stays?


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