November Goals


How is it November already? I feel like I’ve been waiting for November since the beginning of the year. Mainly because I’m going to New York at the end of the month!!

Last months goals went well I managed to not spend as much, I managed to eat more gluten free/healthy foods. And I got through all the books I had put aside so now I don’t have anything left to read.

Now for Novembers goals, again I only set myself 3 goals. It makes it easier to maintain.. i.e means I won’t have an excuse for giving up..

Learn How To Cook

Almost at the end of 2017 & I’m finally starting one of my new years resolutions. At the beginning of the year I said this is the year I’m going to learn how to cook. So far I know how to make one dish from scratch. You can see that recipe here.┬áThis month I plan on making more meals & find new recipes to cook!

I think this links to one of my October Goals to eat more gluten free & healthy food. I really want to find good meals that are easy to make & that I enjoy.

Bullet Journal

This month I’m trying out Bullet Journaling for the first time. I’ve seen bullet journals all over the internet but never thought it was for me. But in reality I have tones of separate notebooks for countless different lists, so I figured I needed one place for all. So this month I’m giving it ago to see how I like it & will continue using it into the new year.

Keep up Running

Last month I decided to start running so hopefully I stick to it. I’ve only been on a couple of 5-10 minute runs but I plan on keeping this going. I’m starting small just taking it step by step, building up my confidence. So hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to go a little further for a little longer!

So I think they are achievable goals & if I find any good recipes I’ll be sure to feature them on the blog!




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