October Goals


Okay so September’s goals didn’t go exactly to plan. In fact it went in the complete opposite direction of what I wanted it too. September turned out to be a hectic month with some great things happening. Which meant my monthly goals were put on a back seat.

This month I plan on hitting the ground running with my goals & hopefully manage to achieve some by the end of October! I turn 21 this week & I feel a bit more adult – as crazy as that sounds- & I feel it’s really time to focus on new things & continue working towards my goals.

Okay so now onto this months goals I’m only going to set myself 3 goals this month so I have no excuse to not achieve them.

No Spending

Its only 2 months until I head back to New York City & I’m in serious saving mode. This month I’m really going to cut back on unnecessary spending. Especially on things like coffee’s, magazines & clothes I do not need. I just keep telling myself to think of the shopping I can do in NYC if I don’t stop now!

Gluten Free Eating

After feeling like crap for the last few months whenever I ate anything. I decided to switch to a partial gluten free diet. After going it for a few weeks I am feeling so much better. Its mainly foods such as breads & biscuits that I have switched to gluten free options. If I eat something thats not gluten free I feel so ill afterwords. Its just a little change but I feel 100% better for it.

Get Through My Reading List

Now this may be the easiest goal on my list as I do not struggle to get through a good 3 or 4 books a month, but this past two weeks its been hard to pick up a book. So this month my goal is to spend at least an hour a day just reading with no other distractions. This can be reading blogs, a book a magazine, articles but just as long as I spend one hour reading everyday!

Hopefully this month these goals will be a little bit easier to achieve! Do you have any October Goals?




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