Relaxing Night

Relaxing Night There’s nothing better than having a relaxing night after being at work all day! If like me you have a job where you’re on your feet all day, coming home & relaxing for a few hours is all you need. 

Now that I’m working full time I am trying to make the most of my nights but sometimes you just need to have a relaxing one! Today I’m sharing some of my favourite things to do to make my nights relaxing as possible.

Take a Shower

I’m a shower girl, I love nothing more than coming home from work and jumping in the shower! There’s nothing better than showering off the day & feeling refreshed & clean before bed.

Relaxing Night

Moisturising & Clean Pyjamas

Having a little pamper is a great way to start a relaxing evening. Moisturising with my favourite beauty products then topping it off with a fresh pair of pyjamas. Ah there’s nothing better! Also I’m loving the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil, it smells devine!

Relaxing Evening

A Cup Of Tea

The perfect addition to a relaxing night is a great cup of tea! and of course you can’t have a cup of tea without a biscuit right? Chocolate Hobnobs are defiantly my biscuit of choice!

Light a Candle

This is a new addition to my relaxing evening routine. Lighting a candle makes the room feel all cosy, & it helps if it smells amazing too!

Relaxing Night

Do Some Reading

Sitting down with my magazine, book or even blog of choice is the ultimate relaxing activity. I love reading at the best of times but getting solid couple of hours is my idea of a perfect night!

Pick a movie or start a TV series

When I’m not in the mood to read putting on a classic movie (Dirty Dancing is always my go to.) Or watching a couple of episodes of a TV Series, can be the perfect way to unwind.

These six things make up a perfect relaxing night, that leaves you feeling refreshed the next morning! What do you do to create the perfect relaxing evening.




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