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It’s took me so long to actually post a room tour post, it was something I kept putting off for no reason.

Anyway after two years of living in our house and after lots of decoration I’m finally sharing my room.. I still live at home with my parents so I’ve decorated my room full of things I love.

Two recent additions to my room are my new prints above my bed, I used to have a New York Canvas above my bed which I never really loved and I have been building a collection of prints for what feels like two years. So I finally have them up now… A full post about them will be up soon.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

The second recent addition is my bookcase. This one is actually my second one as my first was too small to hold my growing collection of books- I have a series obsession-

Next to the book case I have my Grandfather Chair which I love but my mum laughs and says that I’m like an old granny when I sit and and read in the corner. But I love my reading nook it always feels so cosy.

Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds

Then of course my bed which is pilled high with pillows, I love having heaps of pillows on my bed. Literally it’s like the scene in Along Came Polly, you know when Ben Stiller’s Character has about 20 pillows on his bed and has to take every one off before he goes to sleep.. Thats me.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

Then there’s my desk, like I said before as I still live with my parents so my room is where I live, sleep and do all my college or blog work. My desk is always cluttered with books or notebooks, post-its you name it. And one of my favourite Prints the Water Colour Friends Print.

Hope you’ve enjoyed a sneak peak into my room… thanks for stopping by.

Aimee x


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