September Goals

Goals Goals

Today’s post is a little different for me & it’s something a little different for this month too! I’m setting myself some goals for this month.

Now I’ve never been one to set goals for myself, I just don’t feel like setting goals really work for me. But recently I’ve been writing to do lists every day & its really helping me get through my tasks for the day, even if it’s just as simple as cleaning my room.

So for this month I thought I’d set myself some achievable goals.

First Up Learn Photoshop

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for months. I know the basics especially with Lightroom but I really want to learn more of the harder photoshop techniques.

Finish My Online Course

A couple of months ago I signed up for this online Social Media Marketing Course & I still haven’t gotten through it yet. I keep saying I’m going to get round to it but I keep putting it off, so this month I’m finally going to do it.

Get Better at Instagram Stories

Another one of my goals is to start speaking on Instagram Stories. I love watching people’s Instagram Stories & I’m always looking for ways to improve my stories. The next step is too start doing more talking to the camera pieces. So it’s my goal this month to finally bite the bullet & do it.

Get better at reviews

One thing I want to start introducing to the blog is review posts. I love sharing great books I’ve read, films or TV Shows I’ve watched & even products I’ve been loving, but I haven’t quite got the review righting down. So this is something I plan on improving this month too!

Getting Up Early in the Mornings

I started this a few months ago, I’d get up earlier than usual & either go to the gym or just get an extra hour in the mornings. I’ve been slacking a little on this since my holidays, so this month I plan on getting back into it.

So for this month I’m starting with small achievable goals & we’ll see how I get on! Do you have any September Goals?




      September 4, 2017 / 11:18 am

      Thank you!

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