Shopping and Jon Snow


Cappuccino in the Clouds

Our 3rd day in London was put aside for shopping and we did a lot of shopping. ( My bank balance isn’t happy with me right now) We started on Regent Street and hit all the major stores!

I don’t have much photos of Monday because we were too busy shopping.

Later that night we went to see Kit Harrington’s play Doctor Faustus. Which was amazing, well Kit Harrington’s acting was outstanding and so was his bum…. But we wish we had researched the play a little more before going to see it.

We weren’t aware of the Doctor Faustus story so what happened in the play was a shock to us. I was terrified as I get really jumpy and on edge when I don’t know whats happening, I’m always scared something is going to jump out. So when the supporting cast came on stage looking a little creepy I didn’t know what was going to happen..

It was strange to say the least but altogether an amazing play and if you are a fan of Jon Snow then you’ll enjoy seeing him get semi naked on stage…

We waited at the door at the end of the play so my friend (who’s a bit in love with Kit Harrington ) could get a chance to see him and get some things signed but it was disappointing that he never got round to us as he had to leave…  But we did get some photos of him..

Cappuccino in the Clouds

All in all it was a good night and a great weekend! Tuesday was reserved for doing last minute things before we flew home. It was a beautiful day on the Tuesday so while my friends went to the London Dungeons (I’m to scared for that) I headed back to Regent Street to pick up a few more pieces then walked to Covent Garden where I sat out in the sun and enjoyed some Laudree Macaroons for the First time ( they were amazing)

Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds


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