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Cappuccino in the Clouds


Hello hope you had a lovely weekend! Today I’m starting my posts on London so I’ll be covering everything that we got up to while visiting the city!

Cappuccino in the Clouds

For the first day in London we visited all the tourist spots, even buying the hat joey wears in the London episode of Friends, – we couldn’t of looked more like tourists if we tried- We choose to do the hop on hop off bus tours as we wanted to see a lot as we only had one day set aside of touring, but just our luck we picked the wrong bus – thats what you get for picking the first company you see- and our bus never turned up, every other bus was coming every 10-15 minutes ours was just turning up when it felt like.


Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds

Alas we managed to see Big Ben, ride The London Eye which I proceeded to freak out on and I only learn’t that I have a serious fear of heights once we were already in the actual pods going up. But I survived – just- I just know I won’t be doing that again.

Cappuccino in the Clouds


We walked miles from The Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square where we saw Matthew Perry sitting in his car at a red light..

Now just let me take a minute to let that sink in, I saw Chandler Bing from Friends I still can’t believe it. If you know me you know that I love Friends and that I’ve watched it since I can remember so this was a big deal for me to see him. Like I said it still hasn’t sunk in..

Just look how close we were… Okay this is a little zoomed in by we were close enough to get a good shot!

Cappuccino in the Clouds

After the initial shock wore off we then visited Buckingham Palace which up close is so beautiful. We finished the day by visiting Madam Tussauds and  going to Planet Hollywood ( forever the classy blogger)

We headed back to the apartment so tired and wanting an early night before heading to the Harry Potter Studios on the Sunday!

I will talk more about that in tomorrow’s post so look out for that one!

Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds

Aimee x


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