Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine
When it comes to skin care I don’t have that big of a routine but I’m trying to get better. I’ve recently switched up my skin care products from Simple to Kiehls. And I absolutely love Kiehls products I’ve noticed a difference in my skin straight away.

My routine is fairly straightforward in the mornings. I start by cleansing my face (or I try to remember to) then I take a hot face cloth & wash my face. I then apply my Kiehls Ultra Face Cream & Simple Eye Cream.

When It comes to the end of the day I remove my make up with the Simple Micellar water & Cleanse my face again right now I’m finishing up the simple cleanser before I switch to the Kiehls Cleanser. I then wash my face, but this time I apply night cream as I prefer my cream to be a little heaver for during the night.

Twice a week i will use the Kiehls Exfoliator to freshen up my face & clean out all the pores.

So as I said my skincare routine is pretty straighforward and there is no big secret to it!



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