Tips for Packing

Packing Packing

In Monday’s post I shared my In Flight Essentials so in today’s post I thought I’d share my top tips for packing. If you’re headed away anytime soon hopefully these will help!

I got all of these tips from my dad as he traveled a lot for work. So over the years I’ve picked up a few of his tips and tricks.

Roll Your Clothes

Rolling your clothes may be one of the best packing tips out there. It saves so much space and allows you to pack in as much as you can!

Pack Extra

I always pack a few extra pieces in case of any spills, damages, delays you name it. Pack extra tops, underwear, socks.

Stuff your Shoes

Speaking of socks and underwear, stuff them in your shoes too keep the shape. It also gives you more room for packing other items.


With your shoes I find it best to pack them in their dust bags (if you have them.) Then line the sides of your case with the shoes. Giving you room too pack clothes in the middle.. It also means that the soles of your shoes won’t be touching any of your clothes.

Pack a Spare

And finally pack clothes in your carry on. Packing an extra top & bottom, plus some underwear in your carry on will save you if anything should happen to your checked baggage. It always horrible loosing or waiting on baggage so packing a spare will mean you will have something for your first day. Saving you a trip to the store.

I hope these tips will help make packing easier for you. And if you pack light on the way out means you have more room for purchases on the way home!




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