My Top Nail Polish Colours


L-R | Vanity Fairest , Lady Like, Eternal Optimist, Too Too Hot, Chubby Cheeks, Fifth Avenue, Party on a Platform.

For the past few weeks I’ve really got back into painting my nails. I used to swear by shellac polish but in an effort to save some money. As well as giving my nails a little break, I’ve went back to at home manicures.

Even though they usually only last a few days before chipping. It’s still nice to have a little at home pamper. I swear by the Essie because I find that they last the longest & go on the best. This is not sponsored or anything I just love these polishes. So here is my top colours in my collection.

Vanity Fairest

I usually use Vanity Fairest as a quick manicure fix, it goes on pretty transparent so its perfect if you just want that natural look.

Lady Like

Lady Like is another great lilac nude shade, I currently have this on my toes and it’s just that really subtle shade.

Eternal Optimist

This may be my favourite of the bunch, this is the perfect pink nude shade. Its a great simple shade to pop on and add a bit of colour to your nails.

Too Too Hot

This is a new favourite in my collection and its the prefect shade for summer. Too Too Hot is a great coral shade thats just a perfect mix or pink & red that will add a pop of colour to your manicure.

Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks is sort of a peachy/ coral colour which is not one of my favourites but it does give a nice summery colour to your nails.

Fifth Avenue

This is another one of my all time favourites – as you may see from the photo its gone down quite a bit. Fifth Avenue is the perfect red shade, and looks so sleeky on!

Party on a Platform

Through Autumn and Winter I repeatedly go for this shade both for my fingers and toes. I love burgundy shades so I can tell this will be on repeat all Autumn.




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  1. September 21, 2017 / 7:25 am

    I have Lady like and too too hot. This two shades symbolize my . I adore Essie not just because it’s affordable but it doesn’t chip that easily. I like my nail polish long lasting (atleast for 5 days) and beautiful.

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