Traveling Alone

Cappuccino in the Clouds


While I was away I went to 2 Broadway Shows, the cinema multiple times, I went to see the taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers, I took a bus tour around Boston, went to a concert, ate out countless times as well as travelled everywhere & I did this all by myself.

To Begin with it is a bit awkward but after a while I forgot about feeling awkward and just enjoyed the experience.

I seen both Chicago & Les Miserables on Broadway both the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen. I went all the way to Boston to see Aaron Tveit in concert which was unbelievable, and I didn’t let not having anyone to go with stop me from going to those places.

It can seem daunting to being with but once you do it once it won’t seem so scary the next time. And I can guarantee you won’t be the only person who is there by themselves, you also won’t be the first person to ever do it and you certainly won’t be the last.

So next time somethings on that you want to go to or there’s a new restaurant you want to try but have no one to go with, go on your own and I’m certain you’ll have fun.

Aimee x


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