New Feature – Videos!

Recently I’ve been toying with the idea of starting introducing videos into the blog & start a Youtube Chanel. But I haven’t yet had the confidence to sit down and actually film anything.

As I said in last weeks Whats to Come in 2018 Post. I’m slowly starting to speak on my Instagram stories too get myself used to speaking on camera. But even that can sometimes be a struggle.. does anyone else hate the sound of their own voice?

There is so much content I write that as I’m writing, I think to myself this would work so much better as a video. Defiantly when it comes to travel content which is an area I want to focus on especially with videos.

Although I feel it may be even harder now with Youtube now rewarding content solely on views & watch time. Its making it even harder for small accounts to get noticed.  I also worry that people wouldn’t actually watch my videos.

So I’m going to make it my goal over the next year to really practice & find the confidence to start making videos. I might start by sharing a few here & there on the blog rather than solely on a youtube channel. As I feel that will take the pressure off a little but still gives me a platform to share my videos. If I get around to actually filming any..


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