Week One New York City

Cappuccino in the Clouds


I’ve only been in New York one week & I feel like I’ve done so much already.

I’ve visted all my favourite spots, walked for miles and miles, gaining the sorest blisters in the process, seen some celebs and seen Les Miserables on Broadway.

Cappuccino in the Clouds

So far I’ve visited the Whitney Museum, which is a must seen even if it’s only for the amazing skyline views from their outdoor gallery’s. I’ve walked up Fifth Avenue, visited the Rockefeller Centre & taken countless strolls through Central Park. Where on Thursday I spotted Aaron Tveit playing baseball with the Broadway League. I was literally feet away from him ( and yes he is just as gorgeous in person)

Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds


On Friday I went to see Woody Allen’s Cafe Society, which I loved.. It was old New York, hollywood glamour and fabulous 30’s dresses whats not to love?

Saturday I walked the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning then by lunch time I was caught in a Rain Storm down on Wall Street. It was so funny to see everyone just clear off the streets taking shelter under doorways or even just sticking close to the buildings.

Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds Cappuccino in the Clouds


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