Weekly Recap No. 5

weekly(Jumper – Madewell Old Similar Here / Jeans Madewell  )


  1. This week I started my new workout program and its the first time in a while I’ve worked out this much… fair to say I’m in agony & can’t move haha.
  2. I went to see The Greatest Showman on Wednesday night and I loved it! I haven’t stopped playing the soundtrack since, it gets better with every listen.
  3. Ever since watching the Little Women 3 part series I’ve been dying to read the book. I finally started it this week and it’s just as good as the show!
  4. I’ve been living in these Madewell Jeans (in the picture above) since I got them at Christmas time, they are the comfiest denim with so much stretch. I can sit in them all day and not be dying to take them off. Tip – if you’re in between sizes, size down!

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