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Traveling for the first time is one of the most terrifying and gratifying things I have ever done. Yes it’s scary and you may to know anyone in the city/ country you are traveling too, but travelling alone can teach you so much about yourself and how capable you are to travel alone and be independent.

You Will Get Home Sick 

Homesickness is one of the worst feelings especially when you are in a strange city on your own, You miss your family, home comforts and it’s a feeling which really can’t be explained. But it pass and in the long run has changed me immensely.

Do what you want. 

Being there myself allowed me to explore the city on my own terms. I walked everywhere I could, through Central Park, up 5th Avenue all the way to times square, I just walked and enjoyed the city. I visited the Sinatra Exhibition, sit in a cafe and just write, it allowed me to be more independent, to be less reliant on someone to get somewhere that I can do it on my own.

Learn to eat alone. 

I think over the course of 4 weeks I ate one meal at a restaurant myself. It was a quick lunch break while I was shopping and in a city as big and busy as New York it doesn’t matter if you are eating alone or with 20 other people.

Just go with it. 

I am a very shy person and not the best conversationalist. But knowing that I was about  to go into a course where I knew nobody in a city that I didn’t know well, I knew I had to just go with it and push myself to be confident. And in some way it worked after 4 weeks I was a different person, I got more confident. I was able to spark a conversation with someone, I met great people who I now call friends who helped me get over that fear and I didn’t feel any worry or self- consciousness. I loved that feeling of finally being confident and I know that was a big part of how much this trip changed me.

These have allowed me to change, become more confident and change as a person. This trip has allowed me not to be afraid to go out of my comfort zone, to just go with it, go out on my own and even travel myself. It has allowed me to become more independent and made me want to travel even more.

Aimee x


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