What’s in a Name?



This blog post I’m going to tell you the meaning behind the name Cappuccino in the Clouds. Finding a name for your blog can be a really hard task and one I found really hard when I came up with the name for my old blog Daisy Love xo. I wanted a name that represented me or was something that I really like and one that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to tell people when they ask me the name of my blog.

Now if I’m being honest with you I don’t actually like cappuccinos or coffee for that matter- I’m more of a tea girl- but the name did come from something I adore, White Collar. I think I was still a little emotional that the show had ended and when thinking of a blog name Cappuccino in the Clouds popped to mind as it is a line from both the Pilot and Final episodes.

In the pilot Matt Bomer’s character Neal Caffrey is released – actually escapes – from prison and is put into a sort of half way house by Tim Dekay’s character Peter. Neal then takes in upon himself to find a new apartment, It just turns out to be a guest apartment in a New York Mansion with a $10 million view of Manhattan. Which then leads to Peter say “The amount of work I do equals certain things in the real world. Not Cappuccino in the Clouds.” Cappuccino in the clouds is then referenced again in a sweet moment in the final episode.

I felt that the meaning behind Cappuccino in the Clouds that is was this unrealistic place, a dream, not in the real world was perfect. I am always away in my own little world, you’ll often fine me daydreaming or lost in a project so I felt Cappuccino in the Clouds fitted me perfectly even if I don’t love coffee.

Aimee xo




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