Why I Blog & Where I Fit into the Blogging Industry

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I was worrying the other day that what I was posting & writing for the blog wasn’t good enough. Worried that I didn’t have enough to write about or didn’t know enough on the subject to write about it.

Then I found some old blog posts & I realised how much my writing has changed. I started blogging on & off back in 2014. In 2015 I started Cappuccino in the Clouds and again I was blogging on & off. It wasn’t until February last year that I properly started taking the blog seriously.

I struggled for the whole year thinking I wasn’t good enough or my content wasn’t good. But now looking back at where I first started I can see how much I’ve improved. Home much my writings improved, my photography & even my confidence in having my photo taken has gotten better.

I’m not saying everything I put up is perfect and I still have things to improve on. But I can only get better from here.

blog blog


I’ve seen a lot over the past few days about bloggers being authentic, only in it for the money. I also seen someone ask is the blogging industry too saturated. And I do worry about that.

I wonder if my little blog is being read, if people are seeing my Instagram posts, my tweets. Is my content relatable, is it offering a service. Am I relatable & authentic. Does what I write come across stiff & flat or is it easy and enjoyable to read. Is it interesting enough to keep you reading until the bottom of the page.

I’ve never had a niche when it comes to my blog. I wanted Cappuccino in the Clouds to be a well rounded, dipping into many topics & niches. As I like different aspects of each niche subject.

I love to talk about books, travel but I also love to talk about fashion. I have a growing interest t in fitness, beauty and cooking. Even though I may not be the best at writing about each of these subjects, I enjoy writing about them. In my own voice with my own opinions.

Like I said before I started blogging in 2014 for fun, to talk about tv shows, clothes, books I’d read, places I’d visited. And I’ve improved so much sinceI started. I’ve loved learning more on each subject. I can only get better, I can keep improving, keep learning. Of course I would love to blog full time but not for the money because I truly love it. I love the thrill of editing & setting up the photos, writing up content, publishing a post and promoting the post.

I guess at the end of the day that’s what blogging is all about. The Thrill!


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